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Who are we?
Our law firm started operating in 2008. In the beginning, we primarily provided labor law consulting and litigation consultation to medium-sized enterprises. Later, with the expansion of the team, data protection, insolvency procedures, corporate compliance and law of international economic sanctions, became also important areas at the company. With our new services, we could put more emphasis on multinational companies and we could also expand regionally.
What do we believe in?
The ever-changing economic and social environment, and the public mindset that responds to it, require a new kind of lawyer. We ensure efficient resolution of cases through pragmatic operations. Our office is not ostentatious, our documents are straightforward and we use a tone of voice that is comfortable for non-lawers. We work with top technology. We are quick, but not in a hurry.
We are happy to meet you in person, but if you don't want us to, we won't insist. We look for the solution that may not be perfect, but will get us closer to our goals.
How do we think?
We request all relevant information at the beginning of the cooperation from our clients and we try to help them define their goals precisely. The goal can be achieved cost-effectively if the direction is defined well from the beginning. Our activities are guided not only by law, but also by morality. We ask our clients to set ethical goals in all cases, as only a fair approach can lead to a sustainable construction.
What do we consider important?
Mutual honesty, because a case is most likely to be resolved if the client discloses their real motivations in advance and, in turn, the lawyer discloses the risks.
Trust, because without trust there is no sustainable lawyer-client relationship. Professionalism, as this is the basis of later recognition and professional pride.
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